As Rangiora is predominantly made up of casual style establishments, at Ivory Bar, we thought it was time to create something a little special. We have gone to great lengths  to create an exceptional environment that we believe provides the people of the Waimakariri District further variation and choice. 


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Ivory Bar has a ROAR policy (Right Of Admission Reserved). This means if you do not dress to a suitable tidy standard, if you are intoxicated, if you are disrespectful or obnoxious, you will not be allowed entry.

A lot of effort has been put into delivering a venue and environment we believe exudes opulence and a certain WOW factor. In return, we hope that our guests will appreciate and enjoy this, and consider putting a little thought and effort into choice of clothing when visiting. This will ensure that you will be made very welcome, and all guests present will likewise feel comfortable and somewhat special.

There are no hard and fast rules, but in general terms, clean and tidy is an expected minimum. Dress code standard is similar to bars in the Christchurch CBD.

Daytime and summer months, dress standards can be a little more casual. Evening expectations are higher, including suitable pants and covered shoes.

Jeans are fine, but should be paired with tidy dress (eg collared shirt). T-shirts with defamatory or distasteful slogans are not appropriate.