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Cocktail of the Month: May

Mother dearest brought you into this world, it's only appropriate that you take her out... for these cocktails of course!

The Mother's Little Helper and Yummy Mummy are sure to put a smile on her face.

Cocktail of the Month for May, Mother

Dessert Cocktails

Introducing a new and exciting way to enjoy cocktails. At Ivory Bar, we have blended some delicious cocktails with the decadent tastes of desserts to bring you an unforgettable combination that will blow your mind. Don't be fooled with some combinations you may initially hesitate to try, as we are sure you will love every single one. These beauties are designed to taste and look so amazing, you won't be able to help but share them with the world!


Flamingo Forest

Flamingo Forrest dessert cocktail at Ivory Bar

 Raspberry rumble with a dreamy hazelnut chaser. Hints of black forest. This pink poison packs a punch.

Rasputin's Rhapsody


Creamy caramel, smashed Siberian salt, this wicked White Russian is every Cossack's favourite. From Russia with love!

Irish Luck

Irish Luck dessert cocktail from Ivory bar

A douse of Guinness, a whack of whiskey. Cool and creamy with chocolate chaos. This crazy concoction makes for Paddy's perfect pudding!

Berry Nice Smoothie

Berry Nice Smoothie dessert cocktail from Ivory bar

Refreshing delicious berry burst. A booze-infused freeze, sure to tantalise

Ivory Chocoholic

Ivory Chocoholic dessert cocktail from Ivory bar

When chocolate dreams meet alcohol angels, heaven is only a sip away. Go on, you know you want to.

Charlie Chaplin
Sloe Gin, Apricot brandy & fresh lime juice
Bee's Knees
Gin, fresh lemon, honey water
Old Cuban
Rum, fresh lime, Angostura Bitters, fresh mint, champagne.
Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth
Southside Fizz
Gin, fresh lime, fresh mint, sparkling water.
Champagne Cocktail
Cognac, Angostura Bitters, champagne
Floral 75
Gin, elderflower, fresh lime, champagne

White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc

Waipara Springs (Waipara)
g: twelve
b: forty-nine
Spy Valley EASY TIGER (Malborough)
g: twelve
b: fifty-nine
Spy Tiger (Malborough)
g: thirteen
b: sixty
Astrolabe (Malborough)
g: thirteen
b: sixty-five
Pegasus Bay Sauvignon Semillon (Waipara)
b: seventy-five

Pinot Gris

Waipara Springs (Waipara)
g: twelve
b: forty-nine
Hawkes Ridge (Hawkes Bay)
g: thirteen
b: sixty
Peregrine (Central Otago)
g: sixteen
b: sixty-eight


Waipara Springs Premo (Waipara)
g: twleve
b: forty-nine
Deliverance (Waipara)
g: fourteen
b: sixty-two
Kendal Jackson (California)
b: seventy-six
Muddy Water (Waipara)
b: eighty-five


Waipara Springs Dry (Waipara)
g: twelve
b: forty-nine
Peregrine Rastasburn (Central Otago)
g: thirteen
b: sixty-eight
Pegasus Bay (Waipara)
g: fifteen
b: seventy-three

Dessert Wine

Pegasus Bay "Aria" (Waipara)
g: eighteen
b: eighty-four
Hawkes Ridge Noble Voignier (Hawkes Bay)
g: twenty
b: sixty-four


Hawkes Ridge Viogioner  (Hawkes Bay)
g: fourteen
b: sixty-four


Black Cottage (Malborough)
g: twelve
b: forty-nine
Peregrine Rosé (Central Otago)
g: thirteen
b: sixty-five
Black Estate Treble (Waipara)
g: fourteen
b: seventy-five

Red Wines

Pinot Noir

Waipara Springs Premo (Waipara)
g: twelve
b: forty-nine
Driven Snow (Central Otago)
g: fifteen
b: sixty-five
Peregrine (Central Otago)
g: twenty
b: ninety-five
Black Estate (Waipara)
b: one hundred
Nanny Goat "Super Nanny" (Central Otago)
b: one hundred and twenty-three


Dark Side of the Moon (Clare Valley)
g: fifteen
b: sixty-nine
Two Hands Gnarly Dudes (Barossa)
b: eighty-five


Elephant Hill (Hawkes Bay)
b: eighty-three

Cabernet Malbec

London Calling (Clare Valley)
g: fifteen
b: sixty-three

Cabernet Merlot

Torlesse (Waipara)
g: twelve
b: fifty-two


Beau Joie Brut (Champagne)
f: twenty
c: twenty-one
b: one hundred and ten
Beau Joie Demi Sec (Champagne)
b: one hundred and twenty
Beau Joie Rosé (Champagne)
b: one hundred and sixty

Beers and Ciders


Brew Moon - Amberly Pale Ale 4%

Half Pint: seven
NZ Pint: eleven
UK Pint: thirteen
Specs - Armadillo Apa 4.8%
Half Pint: eight
NZ Pint: twelve
UK Pint: fourteen
Renaissance - Brut IPA 6.5%
Half Pint: nine
NZ Pint: thirteen
UK Pint: fifteen


Speights (745ml btl) - 4% Speights
- sixteen

American Pale Ale

The Wolf (330ml can) - (5.8%) Brew Moon
- thirteen
Imperial 101 (330ml can) - 10.1% Brew Moon
- eighteen
Uncle Charlie (500ml btl) - 5.9% Southpaw
- twenty-two

Indian Pale Ale

Local Session (330ml btl) - 2.5% Three Boys
- eleven
Voyager IPA (330ml btl) - 6% Renaissance
- thirteen
Maximus (330ml btl) - 5.8% Hallertau
- thirteen
Rye-ot Grrl (500ml btl) - BeerBaroness
- twenty-one


Heinekin (330ml btl) - 5% Heinekin
- eleven
Corona (335ml btl) - 4.5% Corona
- eleven
Lager (330ml btl) - 4.5% Three Boys
- fourteen

Pale Ale

Pretty Pineapple (330ml can) - 5.3% Behemoth
- thirteen
One Pale Ale (328ml btl) - 6% Cassels & Sons
- fourteen
Aotearoa PA (330ml btl) - 5.8% Tuatara
- fourteen


Hopped Up (330ml can) - 5% Behemoth
- thirteen
Emerson's (330ml btl) - 4.9% Emerson's 
- thirteen
Three Boys Pils (330ml btl) - 5.5% Three Boys
- fourteen


Elemental Porter Ale (330ml btl) - 6% Renaissance
- thirteen
#4 Deception Schwarzbier (330ml btl) - 5.1% Hallertau
- thirteen
Milk Stout (328ml btl) - 5.2% Cassels & Sons
- fourteen


Peach & Passionfruit (500ml btl) - 4.6% Tuatara
- twenty-two
Slackline Boysenberry (330ml btl) - 4% Baylands
- thirteen
Slackline Mango & Guava (330ml btl) - 4% Baylands
- thirteen


Abbey Single
Table De Brasseur (440ml can) - 4.6% North End
- fifteen
English Special Bitter
ESB (500ml btl) - 5% Kaiser Brothers
- eighteen
#1 Luxe (330ml btl) - 4.5% Hallertau
- thirteen
Red Ale
#3 Copper Tart (330ml btl) - 4.2% Hallertau
- thirteen
KBW (500ml btl) - 5% Kaiser Brothers
- eighteen



Two Point Five (330ml btl) - 2.5% Zeffer

- eleven

Moa Apple (330ml btl) - 4% Moa

- thirteen

Imperial Cider (330ml btl) - 10.9% Scoundrels & Rogues

- sixteen


Morally Bankrupt (330ml btl) - 7.9% Scoundrels & Rogues

Dessert Cider


Cold Shoulder Ice Cider (60ml) - 8% Scoundrels & Rogues

- thirteen


Sodas - six


Coke Zero


Sprite Zero

Ginger Beer

Red Bull - eight

Juices - six





Hot Beverages

Regular: five Large: six

Flat White




Short Black

Long Black